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Heute Abend
Posted by Carl on 2019-10-06 11:28:42
Greifenklau's beirgarten is apparently closed for the season.
After lunch, we asked our server if we could go out there (I've been there, but wanted to show my friends).
Apparently they had to tie up the guard dog, but they let us out there.  They told us to stay off the sand (90% of the area) and on the stones.  All the furniture was put away.  The view was OK from the narrow walkway next to the building, but not as good from a table in the garden, as I've seen in the past!
Regarding the band at Zum Sternla:  This is the first time I've seen a band that didn't want a break or want to quit playing!  Five piece band, two fluglehorns, an accordion, a tuba, and a slightly amplified acoustic guitar; at least two of them were singing.  A large fellow also came in occasionally with a mandolin.  Last call was about 2245, we left about 2315, and the band was still playing!
This National Reunification Day holiday weekend messed up a lot of schedules in Bamberg.