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Heute Abend
Posted by Carl on 2019-10-06 11:48:39
John, I don't think they had a Rauch. (But a couple of yesterday's details are hazy...) They did have a Marzen, which was decent.
I'm kind of on a Rauch Mission on this trip.  I'm trying to collect all available in bottles, take a photo, then drink them!
So far:
Schlenkerla: Excellent, better than I remember from a year and a half ago, when I thought it was dumbed down a little.  Forgot to buy a bottle, but I'll get back there.
Spezial: Been too packed on three attempts to get in, but I did buy a couple bottles.  One was consumed, and was excellent.
Klosterbräu: Very good, darker and a little sharper edge than Schlenkerla.  Bottle procured.
Drei Kronen, Memmelsdorf: Good.  Bottle procured.
Eichhorn, Dörfleins: Good, no bottles available.
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