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Heute Abend
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2019-10-09 05:03:52
I really enjoyed my visit to Strawanza.  They had a barrel of Huppendorfer Maerzen on when I was there and that is one that I had not had before (I've had the Huppendorfer lager many times at Pelikan and Cafe Abseits).   I will also always visit Schwarzer Schaff when I'm there as we've become friendly with the owner and he always has Drei Kronen from Schesslitz on tap (keg) and his cocktails are excellent.  Depending where we are staying in town Catweasel is an oft visit as well as the Sonne Hell goes down nice for a nightcap or two.  Then of course their is Rotenschild an it's barrels of Moenchsambacher .....

Much to do in Bamberg at night.  I also find that the people running these aformentioned establishments can be quite a bit friendlier to their customers than the traditional places.  So it's a nice diversion from the somtimes grumpy Bamberg service.
                     Heute Abend by AndyH on  2019-10-09 06:40:08