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Breweries you have yet to had a good beer from
Posted by Barry Roy Taylor on 2019-11-11 07:53:01
These 'which are the best/worst breweries in Franken' questions appear fairly regularly on the Forum.  I suppose that they are mainly from new members or those who haven't had too much opportunity to explore the delights of Frankische bier.

I concur with my learned friends comments: Hummel and Wagner (both) are standout breweries and all Jason's other favoirites the same.  I assume Krug is Krug of Geisfeld, which I presume is still closed - permanently?  Rittmayer is ordinary, St Georgen, see previous comments about the Keller, though the beer in the Stub'n wasn't all that bad and I quite liked Loewenbrau both in Stub'n and Keller.  All the Sonne (Sonnen?) are excellent - the one is Bischberg is the nearest thing to a rural brewery in Bamberg (though just outside - and the Keller is really nice).  Elch was good on the 5-Steig thing, lovely garden & the beers good, if not standout.  

I must have a touch of the Scandinavian or Italian because I like Knoblach - again, a nice place to visit in the summer and an interesting range of beer.  Goeller is a big disappointment - it should be good but is too often not - and I've been in there loads of times.  Drei Kronen don't merit my esteemed patronage but I quite like Hoehn, though the Keller is also really unpredictable in quality.

I could go on forever, makes me feel like booking a flight now!
                     Breweries you have yet to had a good beer from by AndyH on  2019-11-11 08:35:31
                     Breweries you have yet to had a good beer from by Jason  on  2019-11-11 11:52:19
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