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Breweries you have yet to had a good beer from
Posted by Jason on 2019-11-11 11:52:19
Actually I assumed Krug in Breitenlesau... I heard yesterday a rumour that some brewer wanted to rent the whole place in Geisfeld but i've heard a few of those so we'll see. I prefer Griess beer but I love the pub at Krug. 

At the end of the day, only a couple (if that) of breweries brew consistently bad beer, even the breweries I cited as being average still make very good, consistent products (it's just here we're spoilt). Thinking back to my time as a student when the micro scene in the UK was just starting to flourish (2003 ish) it was often a little bit like Russian roulette when you went to a bar with 10 or more handpumps. Once you've sorted the wheat from the chaff and know who to avoid it is an equally great beer scene, especially these days, but there isn't that spectrum in Franken, probably due to the fact that almost all brewers are qualified.

Doesn't mean they'll work miracles, but it does mean they won't produce rubbish. 

ps. Barry - when you mention "closest thing to a rural brewery in Bamberg" I think you're forgetting Doerfleins. And Mueller (Debring) for that matter ;) 
                       Breweries you have yet to had a good beer from by Barry Taylor on  2019-11-12 01:52:30