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Posted by Nick B (ex-ErlangerNick on 2021-01-17 10:40:36

Seems to be not working, at least from where I sit, using Chrome. Ditto the maps on the breweries' pages. .

I see the forum remains pretty active, which is nice to see. Hope everyone's well. I'm still in FL, where I landed a year ago.

For those keeping score at home, I've remained teetotal since leaving England 368 days ago. All those years living in Franconia and then Aachen have spoilt me for beer, beer drinking in FL by comparison comparison...never mind. There's a brewpub in the strip mall next door to my gym here. I've not gone inside, but from what I've seen on the chalk board from outside, they have plenty of sour-this and Bourbon-barrel that, but no Keller- or Landbier.

My last drink was a wonderful pint of London Pride in London, the night before my flight over; forgive me if I've posted about that before. 

I came by to find what pics I'd posted of our & my bike tours over the years, and thought browsing the big map might be the most effective way to do so. It looks like the map starts to load, then I get a java script error using Chrome.

I'm disappointed to see that I appear to have uploaded very view pics to the brewery pages, far fewer than I thought I had. If I ever get my old desktop out of storage in Erlangen, I could remedy that.

I see that I did put links to pics from photobucket in various breweries' comments, such as these two from Kraus in Hirschaid: . .
and these four from Sauer in Rossdorf am Forst: . . . .

I may try to search for other pics from that old album of mine; I'm rather surprised to find it still there. I haven't the foggiest idea what password I might have used for it though...if there even was a password for photobucket back then.

Jason...please go out and get more, better pics of all the different Keller(s) & Brauereien!

Juegen, please stop by and visit Becki in Aachen-Laurensberg on your next drive to Schottland. I can't recall if you ever met her. Bring your own beer, unless you want Bit and kegged Koelsch. (I'd suggest the same for Jason, but why would he ever leave Franken to go anywhere?)

Congratulations also to Gerhard, on a well-earned retirement. I wish I could retire now, but I have to figure out what to do for work once the mask-wearing business subsides. Maybe dog grooming. Exporting restored classic muscle cars to Europe & Asia, like I was hoping to do in L@s V€ga$...just a dream.
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