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Fred's Big ...
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2021-01-18 06:09:56
Good to hear that you're still going strong.  You know, I never accessed that big map before but it works ok for me - I haven't tried the other maps yet but presume that they will be ok (this is using Chrome on my PC).

Nice photo's from happier times for all of us; it's hard to know whether such artefacts bring happiness with their attached memories or regrets.  I suppose that it dpends on individual circumstances - by and large, I prefer not to look back too much, though a bit of reminscing is nice at times.  Not sure that we need more photo's, I suppose that, between the members of this Forum, we could swamp the world with pictures of Franken pubs and breweries.

I've never really been a home drinker - as I've said numerous times, I'm as interested in pubs and the social mores of their inhabitants as I am in what they serve, which is probably why I've never been a big enthusiast for festivals.  So, I've more or less stopped drinking as places here are closed now and, by and large, travel has been difficult since March.  Maybe the good times will return again, maybe not.  How will we judge the pandemic?  I just remember what Mao was reputed to have said when asked about the effects of the French revoution: 'It's too soon to know'.

Take care.
     Fred's Big ... by David Greenlee on  2021-01-19 05:11:28