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Clarification on state aid for breweries
Posted by Robbie on 2021-01-26 03:58:47

Many small breweries have been excluded from state aid because they are classed as "mixed enterprises" – i.e. the brewery tap is closed but the brewery is still operating. They would only qualify if over 80% of the turnover comes from the part which has been forced to close.

According to Bamberg’s MP, Andreas Schwarz, the “draught beer clause” could help. Beer sales which go to gastronomy should be attributed to the “closed" part of turnover. This would help some breweries to reach the 80% hurdle.

Comment from me:
This however creates a disincentive for brewers to concentrate on bottled beer as many have been doing.
   Clarification on state aid for breweries by Jason  on  2021-01-26 04:11:42
     Clarification on state aid for breweries by Jürgen Wening on  2021-01-26 05:15:58