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5L Partykegs
Posted by Yorn on 2021-01-26 09:42:46
Suspecting a few of you have first-hand usage experience with these small partykegs with build in taps (even though proper Anstichs are of course prefered, but not an option). I'm just about to buy a good few dozes for the summer and notice different tap and vent designs.

Any observations? Do they work? Which is prefered, foolproof or sucks less? Which gives a nicer pour?

Option 1:
Option 2:

   5L Partykegs by Jason on  2021-01-26 10:34:16
     5L Partykegs by Yorn on  2021-01-26 12:50:07
       5L Partykegs by Mosquit on  2021-01-27 09:41:14
       5L Partykegs by David Greenlee on  2021-01-30 05:59:24