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5L Partykegs
Posted by Jason on 2021-01-26 10:34:16
They are both the same, just asthetic differences. They obviously work... they've been around quite a long time. The pour all depends on how well you pour, rather than the keg ;) 

Even if you are planning to drink it all in one evening remember to close the top vent as it helps to maintain the condition. Of course this is mandatory if you want to drink the next day. It will deteriorate anyway, especially the less beer in the can. 

Why would you be buying them now for the summer May I ask? They'll last fine but fresh is always best with these things. 
     5L Partykegs by Yorn on  2021-01-26 12:50:07
       5L Partykegs by Mosquit on  2021-01-27 09:41:14
       5L Partykegs by David Greenlee on  2021-01-30 05:59:24