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Spezial U
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2021-02-03 04:54:51
Once upon a time, I visited Weyermann, courtesy of Don and his brewer friends from Seattle.  Somewhere, I think that I've got some photo's but, now, I've no idea where!

I seem to recall that the malting was done in this huge cascade thing and then dried in a series of kilns that were labelled according to the final production required.  Not surprisingly, given Weyermann's turnover of different malts, it was a highly automated procedure.  Certainly a long way from the simple floor malting and drying process that I saw in Jenning's of Cockermouth in the 1980s (I think) - long before subsequent takeovers and closures.
         Weyerman malt (Was: Spezial U) by Mosquit on  2021-02-03 22:04:31
           Weyerman malt (Was: Spezial U) by Barry Taylor on  2021-02-04 03:24:20