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Weyerman malt (Was: Spezial U)
Posted by Mosquit on 2021-02-03 22:04:31
Floor malting is still very popular in Czech, even with middle-size breweries. 

Weyermann also sells floor malt, but that is actually malted in Czech. 

As far as I can recall, theirs basic "pilsner malt" which is used as a base for most beers (incl. dark ones) from Weyermann actually doesn't come from Bamberg, but they have acquired some other malting company. In Bamberg, mostly special malts are malted. 
They use Saladin boxes instead of floor malting. Malt is then killned in a normal way; but some malts are roasted in roaster... 
           Weyerman malt (Was: Spezial U) by Barry Taylor on  2021-02-04 03:24:20