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Situation update in Franken
Posted by Jason on 2021-03-04 10:41:42
I know some people come here for a Corona break so please feel free to ignore. For those who want to know... 

Yesterday, it was decided that the lockdown will be extended to 28 March. The last weeks have seen a stagnation in new infections after weeks of decline and now they are slowly rising. Nonetheless, the powers that be have decided to go against their better judgement and begin openings with a convoluted schedule of incidence and time related thresholds. Basically, the key incidence is below 50 new infections per 100k for districts to open up slowly. 

For outdoor gastronomy to open, we need to have 14 consecutive days under 50. Bamberg and Landkreis Bamberg are currently both around 60. With the worst areas in the country being partly in Oberfranken on the Czech border, the opening of schools and relaxation of private meeting rules I cannot see any prospect of this happening. What I can see is rising infections which will lead to a heavy lockdown needed in April. This may be done locally or nationally. The abysmal vaccine rollout continues and a year into the pandemic they are now working on a mass scale testing solution which South Korea have been using to almost unblemished success for nearly a year. The bureaucracy, procrastination and ineptitude across so many areas is staggering. 

Unless this virus lets up voluntarily, I cannot see any pubs opening indoors for months. After 5 months in a hard lockdown I have reached a low point in my optimism that 2021 will see any huge changes from 2020. 

I hope I'm wrong. 
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