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Situation update in Franken
Posted by FredW on 2021-03-09 06:49:52
Having basically not left my house in a year, these little things help keep us sane. For me it has been a weekly video chat with my beer traveling friends (and some others). It has become the high point of my week, along with the weekly grocery delivery smiley

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since my second vaccine so I will get out more (do the grocery shopping, etc) but Pat is too young for a shot right now but hopefully she'll get hers in the next month or so and then things will be more normal.

The time is not the most  convenient for on the east side of the Atlantic (was going to say "Europe" but I guess that doesn't work anymore) but any here are welcome to join in some Sunday.
             Situation update in Franken  by Barry Taylor on  2021-03-10 04:01:13