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Cycling to Hallerndorf area
Posted by Jason on 2021-08-03 00:49:21
Best brewery around that area for me is Rittmayer Aisch (NOT the Rittmayer of Hallerndorf). A little further by bike but worth it if you can be there when open. Lieberth is good. Witzgall has a cult following which I've never understood- beer is good, just, that's all. 

I'm not sure what Fred means by stairs - correct that you have to cycle inland at Strullendorf then back to cross at the lock. The Pettstadt ferry option also makes sense. It's a very easy cycle but there is also a very good and rather grandly named 'Keller express' bus (265) that does the route from Forchheim - might be useful for the return trip. 
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