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Posted by Gavin on 2021-08-17 22:20:22
Hello Andrew h,  I can't really help you with the air travel side as I drove over from London using eurotunnel. French side was easy nothing to do if your double jabbed, no forms or pre test. Ariival in Germany, no need to declare your arrival unlike a few months ago.

Pre departure test it looks like nuremberg but my friends here think there is an official place in schesslitz that maybe I can get it done, results must be in English, French or Spanish according to  so no German. I'm not really thinking about that to much yet as I'm not leaving to mid September. 

Booking a day 2 test at home is easy I've used randox, using a Ryanair discount code it's £43. They give you a booking code and you enter that code on the passenger locator form which then must be submitted within 48 hours of your arrival back home. 

As for bamberg and franconian is been very easy, download the luca app on you mobile, and you just check in to the pubs, restaurants, kellers, using the self check in QR code. Smaller Keller and brauerei use old fashion pen and paper still. FFP2 masks are a must for all indoor spaces and in Kellers when you leave the table to get a seidla or visit the toilets. 

Hope this helps, when I find a pre test departure centre I'll post this on the board. 
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