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Bamberg - Misc.
Posted by Jason on 2021-09-11 06:24:04
Short update on some recent observations. 

To clear up Landwinkl: I went there for the first time yesterday. The rauchbier was odd, thick and dark but backed up by flavour. The Helles i tasted was ok. In terms of brewing, they only have 3 500l fermenters on site. So they only brew their seasonals on that kit. They are releasing a Kupfer in a few weeks and then the bock. The other beers are brewed in Hirschaid by the brewer of Hausbräu Stegaurach, which is not a great combination in my opinion, borne out by the quality of the beer. I won't be going back anytime soon. 

Klosterbräu: have changed their opening hours and are now open from 2-11 Wed-Fri and 12-11 Saturday AND Sunday. This means that there are now 3 breweries open in Bamberg on a Sunday, which is good.

Schlenkerla: now that the rules have changed here and only people adhering to the 3G principle (geimpft, genesene or getestet) can sit inside, the previous table layout has been restored and the Schwemm is back in full operation, which is great. I'm hoping Spezial will follow suit but somehow I doubt it. 

Bockbieranstiche: probably very unlikely in the city although events up to 1,000 people are now permitted with the 3G principle. I wouldn't bet against Schlenkerla having one. All the other breweries have the right facilities (courtyard, entrance control) except Klosterbräu (which isn't having a normal one). We'll see what comes (I imagine the countryside will be different). 
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