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New Prices
Posted by Jason on 2021-12-29 02:47:35
Schlenkerla is 3,60€ currently. Don't think a couple of dozen tokens from Schlenkerla will help me much. 

Price rises are inevitable. Cost of raw materials, energy costs, rise in the minimum wage, not to mention the impact of COVID. I was talking to a friend about it the other day, and I'm actually concerned about whether price increases would harm the delicate gastronomic ecosystem here. People eat and drink out because it's affordable. But at some point the balance tips and people will eat out less. Beer doesn't bring in much profit, and the days of people drinking 3,4 or 5 beers or more at a sitting are (mostly) gone. The majority of people (and profitability) have a meal and a couple of drinks. So it harms the regulars and drinkers. 

My own habits have changed since I moved in 2016. I eat out less (also due to the rather bland and simple menus in most breweries) but I also spend less time drinking in the city. Don't know if this is just about money, but somehow psychologically what was 6€ for 2 beers including Trinkgeld is now 7€ at least. 
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