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Glenk, Bayreuth brewing again?
Posted by Jason on 2020-01-30 01:33:36
Nice! I'm not often in Bayreuth but who knows...

On the subject, there is a baker/brewer in Bayreuth that is quite under the radar. It's an interesting phenomenon which has almost died out. The most notable example is Brauerei Herold in Buchenbach, also know as Beck n' Bier. They also function as a bakery. There may be others, but I'm not sure. 

The bakery in Bayreuth is called Baeckerei Lang. They brew in/with a brewery near Bayreuth and lager the beer on their premises. They sell their beer 4 times a year at their "Buschenschaenk" between May and September (open 4 days per occurance). All the details are on their website which has a lot of info about the history etc.

Given how many local bakeries and butchers are closing, I wish some breweries would have the foresight to consider turning their brewery into the focal point for the village, baking bread, brewing beer and even selling meats. It's what a lot of pubs in rural Britain do, and of course is very common in Ireland where the village pub and shop are connected. I'm sure it's more complicated and perhaps i'm being a bit romantic but given that beer consuption is sinking I think it's a case of innovate or slowly die. 
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