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Glenk, Bayreuth brewing again?
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2020-01-31 08:39:28
There used to be a couple of those grocer shop pubs in Westport, Co. Mayo that I've drank in once or twice.  Sadly both gone now but I really got a kick out of visiting them.  Typical taps for Ireland (Guinness, etc.) but they both had two sections.  One with a bar and the small grocer shop and a couple of bar stools at the front on of the pub and then doors to the back section where there was a larger bar.  I'm sure if I scoured the villages of Co. Mayo I'd find a few more of these places still in existence but sadly no longer in the larger, more touristy town of Westport.
         Glenk, Bayreuth brewing again? by Andrew H on  2020-01-31 12:06:10
           Glenk, Bayreuth brewing again? by Andrew H on  2020-01-31 12:12:29
             Glenk, Bayreuth brewing again? by Mark Andersen on  2020-01-31 12:56:17
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