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Ehingen (Donau): and you think the opening times in Franken are bad
Posted by Jason on 2020-03-05 07:30:32
I think this is quite a German trait... it's not rudeness as such, but it's a very competitive society and you're making them uncomfortable by highlighting a 'failing'. It's amazing how some friends only start speaking to me in Englsih after quite a few drinks. Like, you will not find a more sympatheitc and patient ear than mine (or others who speak a foreign langauge). And actually their English is rather good. They underestimate their ability. 

Whereas you ask if someone can speak French in the UK and you get a queue of volunteers, very few of which got past basic GCSE level French. They overestimate their ability. 

My tip is to learn basic phrases that can be answered yes or no, e.g. Haben Sie offen. Or write an email using translate. Don't expect people to accomodate your failings in their country. It's a chronic characteristic of English speaking toruists globally. 
                     Ehingen (Donau): and you think the opening times in Franken are bad by Barry Roy Taylor on  2020-03-06 01:57:54
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