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Ehingen (Donau): and you think the opening times in Franken are bad
Posted by Barry Roy Taylor on 2020-03-06 01:57:54
Are the 'British' - whoever they may be - any better or worse than other nationalities? We can all trot out the usual anecdotes but I've visited, lived in & worked in (for relatively short lengths of time) lots of countries & found many times that their inhabitants are equally as language-challenged. OTOH, certain countries have embraced language learning (e.g. the usual suspects, Scandinavian countries, perhaps Germany). Nowadays eastern European countries seemed to have mastered English, probably because of the domination of culture from the USA. The key, of course, is education & I know from my schooldays having French & German beaten into me (spectacularly unsuccessfully like every other subject) that the British approach was totally hopeless, though things do seem to have marginally improved. Sadly, you reach a point in your life when it becomes very difficult to remember vocabulary, as one new word seems to push out ten old ones! You have to be extraordinarily dedicated to succeed (as Jason has been) & having a definite objective helps.
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