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OT:Home delivery
Posted by JohnRatcliffe on 2020-04-02 04:04:26
Beware of the 'inverse snobbery' virus too! And I dont believe anyone who has drunk wine cant tell the difference between red and white. Thats like a beer drinker not being able to distinguish between lager and stout. Though theres probably some thrusting young microbrewer dreaming up a hybrid of the two even as we speak.
               OT:Home delivery by Barry Taylor on  2020-04-02 05:01:57
               OT:Home delivery by Andrew H on  2020-04-02 06:47:25
                 OT:Home delivery by Andrew H on  2020-04-02 06:48:26
                 OT:Home delivery by TomM on  2020-04-02 08:24:28
                   OT:Home delivery by Barry Taylor on  2020-04-02 10:50:44
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                   OT:Home delivery by Andrew H on  2020-04-02 15:14:44
                     OT:Home delivery by Andrew H on  2020-04-02 15:22:12
                       OT:Home delivery by AndyH on  2020-04-03 00:57:55
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