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OT:Home delivery
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2020-04-02 10:50:44
Yep, certainly better than red wine!  To me, wine is one of those things that's best savoured in its country of origin.  If I was in France (for me, French wine is still the best), I'd drink red wine, although I've heard from people who know about beer that some pretty good beers are being brewed there; ditto Spain, though I don't think that Spanish wine is nearly as good as French (didn't stop me drinking a few bottles of Rioja, though; I was also surprised to be able to buy some really nice beer in the supermercado).

And there's no doubt that the bottled Heller Maerzen was nowhere near as good as vom Fass - but not so bad a substitute given the current situation.

Ok, I'm not in Belgium but Belgium is an ale country and shares a lot of its beer tradition with the U.K.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Sint Bernardus and maybe a Rochefort tonight?  Anyway, at the moment, I'd be very happy to be in Brussels or Brugge or Ghent - or more or less anywhere than here.

Andrew, why don't you try Beers of Europe?  They're only just up the road from you?
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