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Jersey, etc.
Posted by Jason on 2020-05-27 10:18:14
I'll come back to you Nick, but you'll understand if I prefer not to have topics purely on me. I know we're all friends on the forum but this is about Franconian beer :) 

I don't quite understand what you mean by "landed gentry"... it was traditionally a farming/fishing island that grew into a tourist destination after the war and then became a tax haven in the 60s and onward. Long story short, average house prices are now up at almost central London levels (outside of the extreme areas). I guess that doesn't make it posh (in the sense of Downton abbey for example), just hard to live there. It's also a very beautiful place when the sun shines, and the proximity to France and good climate gives it a continental feel. It obviously attracts well paid and well educated people. There are plenty of Ferrari's, Aston Martins and Porsche's flying around (though the speed limit does not exceed 40mph). 

As for roots, only my fathers mother was from jersey (with French roots), the rest come from Salisbury in the south (fathers father) and Manchester in the north (mothers parents). I don't know much else, and whilst I might be intrigued, it's quite an American thing to need to know your background... I think it's a bit like horoscopes. How we are brought up and how we live influences who we are, not where our forefathers came from. 

If I come across as well off then that's wrong (depending on what well off means to you). I am financially independent and have a good job but I'm certainly no higher than what would be called 'middle class'. I'm not on the housing ladder. My parents would never be able to help me with a deposit, nor would I expect/want them to. Maybe that's where my frustration with judgement comes from, my parents had to work hard to put me through a private school, they sacrificed a lot. You're right about my accent being generic southern educated. But Britain is obsessed with class and your accent is judged (I don't agree with it). Hence BBC English etc. 

Incidentally, my girlfriends step father is related to Ernest Hemingway and his father was a high court judge in the UK. He's well educated, has a very liberal outlook, an average/good job, a scouse accent and drinks tins of coors on the couch watching coronation street and likes going to the pub with his wife and friends. 

What does it all mean? Take people for who they are, not where they're from/their background. 
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