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Jersey, etc.
Posted by Nick B (formerly in Erlangen) on 2020-06-03 08:32:01
Thanks for all that. Having met your parents just that one time (Annafest?), I wouldn't have presumed to say anything about their background. They certainly were down to earth. I liked your dad a lot. Struck me as almost a bit of a hippy. 

I didn't mean to question whether you were landed gentry...that was what I recall seeing on TV, years ago now. Or maybe it's that there was NOT much of that on Jersey. (I do miss German TV.)  I don't really get the Downton Abbey reference, as I've never seen it, but think I get the point. Coronation Street is blue collar TV, I reckon. I grew to like Coors Light a lot when I was in Vegas. 

You present yourself the way you do. I don't know if I have ever really known anyone British from above the middle class, and what I have learnt is that Britons have a talent for leaving class distinctions behind at the pub, or in similar social settings. What I'm getting at is, your manners and accent suggest middle class, at least, and knowing that you're financially independent by 30 doesn't suggest that you're not at least "OK off" by my definition.

Of course, anyone on here is fabulously rich compared to those starving in the desert.

Mom is one of 12 farm kids of German extraction (1/8th Czech). There were also 2 miscarriages, so my grandparents were busy. And Catholic. So very, very Catholic. Mom's maternal grandmother was supposedly descended of an ousted Baden-Wuerttemberger branch of the Hohen-Zollerns. So I might be somewhat more closely related to HRH Prince Phillip than others I know.

I suppose it is an American thing, wanting to know more about one's roots. People from the Bierkeller were always like, "Meh. We're from here." 

In my case, I've only recently learnt a bit more about my dad's biological parents, so I am more curious, as the guy was a British flyer. I would dearly like to know what relatives I have in Britain, as I like the place a fair bit.
                           Jersey, etc. by Nick B (formerly in Erlangen) on  2020-06-03 08:37:15
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