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OT: Notch Brewing Ungespundet
Posted by Jason on 2020-07-28 09:10:51
I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they're better than some of the ones here, particularly you know what (hint, begins with M). Do you know if they do anything to ensure they are actually 'ungespundete'? I'm assuming you know what that means in brewing terms (more historic than current days). Can't imagine so if they're in cans. Mark of this forum brought me some jacks abbey lagers once, they were very good. 

Spezi U is somewhat more akin to a Zwickel pils... it can be a great beer but seems incongruous to brew an 'ungespundetes' and then serve the beer under pressure. Maybe they don't do anything differently and it's just a marketing gimmick. It definitely doesn't have lower levels of CO2. Spezi is of course very traditional though. 

Wagner Merkendorf and Wagner Kemmern still serve their Us from gravity. I don't know if either of them are true Ungespundete or not. Wagner in particular always seems to have low levels of CO2, but compared with keg, most barrels do. 
       OT: Notch Brewing Ungespundet by BrianW on  2020-07-31 04:15:06
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