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OT: Notch Brewing Ungespundet
Posted by BrianW on 2020-07-31 04:15:06
It wasn't ungespundete in the 19th century way. More like the gespundet Ungespundet (naturally carbonated and kept to a lower level with a pressure relief valve--i.e., not lagered in wooden casks with the bungs only in loosely and then tightened closer to serving).

This beer was supposed to be released in the taproom and served by gravity keg. Notch gravity kegs are the style used in Franconia, from what I have gathered. It was not intended to be released in cans, but global pandemics will change your plans.

Notch does try to by as traditional as possible--at least in its lagers. In February right before everything shut down I went to the release of their "pitch lined Pils" which was a double-decocted Czech pale lager gravity served  from pitch-lined wooden kegs that they had pitch lined themselves with pitch they had gotten from a defunct US breweery that had it sitting around in a warehouse from the 60s (or something like that).
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