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Weekend off sale /drinking ban in city centre
Posted by Jason on 2020-07-03 14:54:50
It is both... at least for now. I don't mind if it's because of the virus, all for it actually,  but there was a very good piece in the Fraenkischer Tag reporting that it was as much to do with local residents who want to take Bamberg back to before the fall of the wall (my words). We saw that with canalissimo and other events on the max Platz that breathe life into a city that, without the university, would be a rural rich backwater. As usual it's the generation born in the 50s and 60s that have had the world handed to them on a plate that want to ruin it for the rest of us struggling through continued economic strife and uncertainty (personal rant). 

I also think that noise after midnight (on weekends) should be limited and that people should have respect ie clear up their rubbish. But there are enough police in this city on account of the academy, so maybe instead of focusing on making money by setting speeding traps they should enforce the law after midnight. 
       Weekend off sale /drinking ban in city centre by Andrew H on  2020-07-04 01:14:55
         Weekend off sale /drinking ban in city centre by Jason on  2020-07-04 03:00:02
           Weekend off sale /drinking ban in city centre by Andrew H on  2020-07-04 23:36:23
             Weekend off sale /drinking ban in city centre by Jason  on  2020-07-06 02:02:24
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