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Weekend off sale /drinking ban in city centre
Posted by Andrew H on 2020-07-04 01:14:55
To be fair Jason it's only part of that generation. And we too have not always eaten off the plate.The recession of the late seventies and early eighties, with stagflation, energy crisis, severe downturn in the Global economy, plus the high unemployment caused by thatcherism.
where hard times as well. plus a lot of the things we have benefited from, were paid for in the blood of our Fathers in WW2. and high taxes. ( thats my rant over)
Having said all that I am in ageement with you regarding the nimby attitude thst appears to be winning in Bamberg.
         Weekend off sale /drinking ban in city centre by Jason on  2020-07-04 03:00:02
           Weekend off sale /drinking ban in city centre by Andrew H on  2020-07-04 23:36:23
             Weekend off sale /drinking ban in city centre by Jason  on  2020-07-06 02:02:24
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