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Brauerei Schroll
Posted by Andrew H on 2020-09-14 11:41:17
I agree,Place of actual brewing should be clearly stated on the container. And maybe a small notice in the wirtshaus and,on the menu.
I would argue that only the large "beer factories" with laboratory facilities and lab personell can truly replicate any beer. Spezial will without doubt produce a fine beer and, very close to the original. But,different. some will prefer one or the other version. but after a time will not really recall the exact flavour of the original. and most drinkers if not told, will not notice any change.
           Brauerei Schroll by Barry Taylor on  2020-09-14 14:40:13
             Brauerei Schroll by Andrew H on  2020-09-14 14:56:42
             Brauerei Schroll by Kim Lund Johansen on  2020-09-14 23:12:21
               Brauerei Schroll by Mark Andersen on  2020-09-15 04:43:00
               Brauerei Schroll by Barry Taylor on  2020-09-15 09:56:56
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