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Brauerei Schroll
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2020-09-14 14:40:13
Certainly agree with Jason and Andrew.  It's diabolical in the UK - I may have mentioned this before, but take Courage as an example.  When I worked for them, the beer was brewed in the old George's Brewery in Bristol.  Ok, so this wasn't the original home of either Courage Best or Director's (it was the home of BA - known locally as Boy's Bitter, but they stopped brewing that!) but at least it was abrewery owned by the owners of Courage.  As Courage beers went, the Director's was ok (but not like the original), the Best was not so great.
They closed the brewery when Imperial sold the brand to S & N and brewery went up to the mega-brewery in Newcastle.  Then S &N went and the brewing was transferred to Charley Wells in Bedford.  I've absolutely no idea who or where the Courage brands are brewed now but, for sure, the last time that I tasted them, they didn't anything like the courage that I knew (maybe thank goodness).

Personally, I think that this is really sad.  Schroll was a lovely place and will probably remain so.  But I just can't imagine, great as Spezial are, that they will be able to brew the Vollbier as it was.  As always, I bow to my friend's expert knowledge but doubt whether even a large brewery can truly replicate another breweries beer.  Look at the example of Tetley's Bitter - when the brewery in Leeds was closed, Marston/Bank's spent a year trying to replicate the taste and could not get it right.  I believe now that it's contract brewed by the Leeds Brewery.  
             Brauerei Schroll by Andrew H on  2020-09-14 14:56:42
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