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Krug Geisfeld - Flaschen!
Posted by jost on 2020-12-24 12:07:49
It's complicated.
I've looked into it repeatively over the last years and don't think there is a justifiable reason to switch to cans for Franconian Brewers. Especially atm as canning/can equipment is still upstart an there are alot of industrial bottlenecks as we seen this year in the US (shortage of cans).

On the bottom is a fairly good comparison between cans and bottles on multiple levels, environmental (production, recycling, transport), organoleptic, ..  ---- based on this standartised 50cl (reusable) are easily most favourable in my opinion if distributed within a 50-75km radius.

But I'd like to briefly mention a few addional points:
- any comparison need to keep in mind an existing ecosystem/environment - which in GER is well-functioning deposit bottles for standard bottles (majorily) and its infrastructure.
- any mobile filling business (especially in a brewery rich) region will be more expensive than existing commercially available (shared) bottling facilities
- can liners are only officially certified for max. 1 year. there are some new developments but this will take years to reach markets
- acidity is a huge no-go for can liners
- can-conditioning, while possible, is far more problematic, especially for breweries utilising own yeast cultures/repitching. it's not surprising that we see as massive standardisation of one-pitch/dry yeast lab culture go hand-in-hand with can popularity.
- cans, like bottles, have very specific properties which are benefitual for some characteristics vs others. in the time-frame Franconian beer is consumed, nearly none of them matter.

I strongly believe that many Franconian breweries could improve their filling operation, yet I don't think that means they should look at canning. Instead slight adjustments in brewing process and filling technology could provide outsized quality improvements with current equipment. This assume the focus on a similar audience as currently (some are switching, see Mahrs), but that is likely what we're talking about for most.

               Krug Geisfeld - Flaschen! by jost on  2020-12-24 12:11:39
                 Krug Geisfeld - Flaschen! by jost on  2020-12-24 12:16:08
               Krug Geisfeld - Flaschen! by Jason  on  2020-12-25 04:52:35
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