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Krug Geisfeld - Flaschen!
Posted by Jason on 2020-12-25 04:52:35
Interesting. Mahrs are almost certainlty doing it for 1 reason - he wants to have this 'craft' hip image, whatever that means.

The time of consumption here you mentioned is an important point. A friend who lives in the UK and drives here with his family a few times a year (Chris, for those who know him) takes a lot of bottles back, but he knows which beers will stay best longer - you'd be surprised how fast they deteriorate. Weeks. They don't go off, they are just very fragile and lose their freshness. 

I notice it too, I mix and match so when I have a case of something it takes me a month or so to finish it, and the last one is never as good as the first. But I doubt this would be any different in a can. 
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