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9 Euro crash!
Posted by Jason on 2022-05-24 02:20:20
Well it's funded by the tax payer. I think the problem is that a lot of people are completely missing the point on this. This was introduced to relieve households for costs of commuting/travelling due to rising fuel and energy costs. This isn't just about cars, it's about helping people save money to cover their increasing utility costs. My partner and I commute with the train every day. Given the works between Bamberg and Erlangen over the past years which will continue for a decade, all to save precious seconds on the Berlin-Munich line, it's an overall poor service that costs us jointly 420 Euros a month. But we try to leave the car at home. 

So the point of this ticket is to save us this money, which is good, even though I am fortunate that I don't pay for mine. But of course, as has been highlighted over the past few years, people will take something potentially good and turn it into the opposite because we're fundamentily selfish (as a collective). There's all this nonsense about being able to travel across the country as cheaply as possible. People looking for bargains in leisure travel. Meaning that people who commuted before and will commute after are left with money in their pocket but with a potentially awful experience (yet to be seen) of overfilled trains. 

And what happens in September? Most go back to using their cars becuase the balance of 'what's in it for me' tiips back the other way. Maybe I'm being cynical. And apologies for the seriousness of the post on a beer forum. 
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