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9 Euro crash!
Posted by Jason on 2022-05-24 03:53:06
The irony is that people are actually critiscising the scheme becasue they CAN'T use this ticket to make extended journeys. They're moaning that the express trains are excluded and that it takes so much longer with regional trains - clue's in the name folks. Then they critiscize the DB and the car drivers lap it up because somehow it's a badge of pride to never use public transport. 

I critiscize justifiably the line between Bamberg and Erlangen because of 6 years' of on and off disruption and regular delays and this pervading idea that SEV is a 'replacement' service. It isn't. 4 years' ago I bought a car because it was so bad. 

However, the system as a whole and the fast trains network is fundamentally good. The opportunities to travel long distance for what can be very cheap prices in comfort mean I will always use the trains heren ahead of my car. 9 Euro ticket or not.   
                     9 Euro crash! by Rob Sterowski on  2022-06-01 04:29:16
                       9 Euro crash! by Rob Sterowski on  2022-06-14 10:31:07
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