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Sandkerwa: back this year
Posted by Gerhard Schooklmann on 2022-07-01 12:22:22
The Sandkerwa is always from Thursday to Monday. The fireworks are always on Monday.
In all years it is very difficult to find overnight stays in the City Bamberg..
     Sandkerwa: back this year by mike004 on  2022-07-02 03:16:09
       Sandkerwa: back this year by Gerhard Schooklmann on  2022-07-02 03:55:21
       Sandkerwa: back this year by Jason on  2022-07-03 21:10:23
         Sandkerwa: back this year by Gerhard Schooklmann on  2022-07-03 22:14:38
         Sandkerwa: back this year by mike004 on  2022-07-04 02:43:03
         Sandkerwa: back this year by Uncle Jimbo on  2022-07-10 20:08:34
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