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Sandkerwa: back this year
Posted by Jason on 2022-07-03 21:10:23
Be aware that this year they have had to implement an 'entry fee' of 6€ for the 5 days orv2,50€ for a day. This counts only after 6pm and not for children under 14 or tourists/residents staying or living in the Altstadt.

I've no idea how this can/will be enforced unless they have security at every conceivable entry point (probably that alone has caused the soaring costs..It's of course caused a bit of a storm here. The organizers cite higher security costs as well as other increases. I don't imagine the city contributes much. They love to use the brewing industry here to advertise but don't help them at all in other ways, and events like this are no exception. 

Like most people I don't care as long as it goes ahead. But it's a shame I guess. 
         Sandkerwa: back this year by Gerhard Schooklmann on  2022-07-03 22:14:38
         Sandkerwa: back this year by mike004 on  2022-07-04 02:43:03
         Sandkerwa: back this year by Uncle Jimbo on  2022-07-10 20:08:34
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