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Fäßla beer is great at the moment
Posted by Jason Watts on 2023-01-07 07:13:06
You should never have diacetyl in a German style pils, it stands out like a sore thumb and dumbs down any hopping. In maltier beers in can compliement the malt sweetness. Keesmann had problems a few years ago with their Pils, after I mentioned to Thomas at the Torschuster he sent his barrels back to the brewery. You're right that Faessla is inconsistent - when it tastes good the pils has no diacetyl in it.

Unfortunately on the day I was there it's no about opinions, the pils was crap and my drinking buddy agreed. So we just had 1 beer and left which is very unusual.
             Fäßla beer is great at the moment by UncleJimbo on  2023-01-07 11:30:08
             Fäßla beer is great at the moment by Pivnizub on  2023-01-30 12:41:02
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