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Keller wetter
Posted by Andrew H on 2023-06-06 01:19:40
Looking for personal experiences of showery keller wetter. Now of course I know that the kellers only open in fine weather, I am thinking more of those days of warm sunshine and odd showers. I have seen the squidgying ( not a word) of tables and benches between showers, But wonder any of you have witnessed kellers closing mid session in such weather conditions? Or indeed not opening on showery days.
   Keller wetter by Jason  on  2023-06-07 02:30:28
     Keller wetter by Andrew H on  2023-06-07 13:23:38
       Keller wetter by Jason  on  2023-06-07 23:31:46
         Keller wetter by Andrew H on  2023-06-08 01:19:57
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