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Keller wetter
Posted by Jason on 2023-06-07 02:30:28
It very much depends on how showery/how sunny. Summer thunderstorms don't cause them to shut unless they are prolongued and it's already late. If the chance of prolongued rain is there and less sunshine / cooler temps they will take a decision. Generally, if it's warm, they'll open and take the risk. 

A lot of them have facebook where they update on the day in case they're closing/not opening. The weather here in summer tends to be dry, so even if rain is forecast it often misses or is isolated. So more often than not you'll be fine. 
     Keller wetter by Andrew H on  2023-06-07 13:23:38
       Keller wetter by Jason  on  2023-06-07 23:31:46
         Keller wetter by Andrew H on  2023-06-08 01:19:57
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