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Deutsche Bahn ticket promotions?
Posted by mike004 on 2023-06-26 07:54:05
I will be going to Sandkerwa again this year. Flying in to FRA airport.
Are Deutsche Bahn doing any special ticket promotions this year that could save me money on the journey from FRA to Bamberg? I usually get the ICE from FRA-Wurzburg, then get the slow RB train to Bamberg.
My story about Fred:
Way back in early internet days, I saw a post from Fred on one of the newsgroups, or whatever. His post mentioned smoked beer and Bamberg and made me decide to check out Bamberg in my next beer trip to Germany.
Well, I turned up in the midst of the Sandkerwa festival and was knocked out by the variety of great beer available, some of it served up in stone krugs!
I never did get much a taste for smoked beer, but Fred's post was a catalyst for many memorable beer trips to come.
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