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[CW: Zoigl] Da Roude
Posted by Rob Sterowski on 2023-03-04 06:06:38
I don't suppose anyone can confirm that Da Roude in Windischeschenbach is still open?

It's on the Zoiglkalender but Google Maps has it marked as permanently closed.

The dates I have available for my next trip are showing only Roude and Lingl open, is it worth it? 
   [CW: Zoigl] Da Roude by barry on  2023-03-04 14:24:42
   [CW: Zoigl] Da Roude by Jason  on  2023-03-06 02:09:53
   [CW: Zoigl] Da Roude by barry on  2023-03-17 12:30:15
     [CW: Zoigl] Da Roude by Mads K (dedollewaitor) on  2023-03-28 03:39:18
       [CW: Zoigl] Da Roude by barry on  2023-03-28 04:23:51
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