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Communal Brewing in Franken
Posted by Frank on 2023-06-17 11:50:15
Anyone else go to this? I was there for a couple hours today. Its also a Mittlealtermarkt (midevil festival) and from what I found there is only 1 hausbrauer selling beer there. Maybe on Sunday there will be more? 

To defend Barry for sharing this info, hes not blowing up the spot on something esoteric. This event was heavily advertised. I think that things like this help the hausbrauer get needed money to make more beer. They where very welcoming to my money haha. Plus its not something as organized as Zoigl. So it would be super hard for an American beer toursit to attend one of these. Anyway, thanks for sharing the info Barry!
         Communal Brewing in Franken  by B N on  2023-06-19 00:12:36
         Communal Brewing in Franken  by Jason on  2023-06-25 00:43:02
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