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Sub 4.5% beers
Posted by Mosquit on 2023-05-27 20:50:09
Actually PU is always 11 nowadays. Something like 11.7°, so by Czech law, it is 11°. However, many restaurants still advertise it as 12° (i.e. rounded up). 

In reality, it is brewed stronger, and then dilluted using HGB

I am not sure if they do some special version for Sweden etc. with 3,5% ABV, but even if they do, I would expect that they are not brewing special batches, they just "dillute it" more. 

One important remark. Alcohol by volume content (e.g. 4,4%) might be quite inprecise number (at least by czech laws, therefore applying for all czech beers, even exported to EU). There is really huge tolerance in ABV value.
If you declare that your beer has 4% ABV, then it must be in reality between 3,5% and 4,5% ABV. If you declare ABV over 5%, then the tolerance is actually +/- 1,0% (so if you say that it is 5,5%, it could be anything between 4,5% and 6,5%). 
Some people say that breweries are well aware of this, and sometimes they are "adjusting" the value on the sticker and in official papers, in order to marketize the product more. So for cheap beers (where people are often buying them to get drunk), they add some more extra ABV, to get some more customers. Might be also the opposite case with PU, who knows.   
             Sub 4.5% beers by Jason  on  2023-05-31 01:05:06
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