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Sub 4.5% beers
Posted by Jason on 2023-05-31 01:05:06
It's certainly the case in Franconia. 2 notoable beers are definitely punching above their 'official' ABV, Moenchsambacher Lager and Heckel Vollbier. Both are officially 5.5% but are in reality nearer or at 6%. This has been proven by a brewer friend of mine who tested them once but having drunk enough of both I can confirm that to my experience they are definitely stronger than 5.5%. All legal. 

My guess is that they want to give people the feel good buzz without them realizing the beer is 6% (which might be offputting). It's one reason why Moenchsambacher Lager is such a cult beer in my opinion (it's also very tasty as well). 
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