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Posted by barry on 2023-10-20 15:19:29
Me?  J and me went with someone - was it you and Don? - and Gunnar to Drei Kronen in Strassgiech (?)-  We got a very crowded bus from Bamberg on a very wet day.  Andi came in later after brewing and brought some bottles of a new brew that he was trying.  He wouldn't let us pay for any drink, only pay Manuela for the grub!  He showed us the old brew house.  Is the pub still there?  
         Gunnar by Nick B. on  2023-10-21 07:11:45
           Gaenstaller by Nick B. on  2023-10-21 07:19:35
             Gaenstaller in Schnaid? by Nick B. on  2023-10-21 07:45:30
               Gaenstaller in Schnaid? change by B N on  2023-10-21 08:42:50
                 Gaenstaller in Schnaid? change by Nick B. on  2023-10-24 13:36:33
                   Gaenstaller in Schnaid? change by barry on  2023-10-25 09:38:31
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