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Posted by Nick B. on 2023-10-21 07:19:35
Looking at the map, I don't see Gaenstaller in Strassgiech. I guess I'm woefully out of touch...googling turns up in the NW industrial corner of Bamberg. 

And there's a Bockbieranstich coming up. I don't think I'll make it, sadly.

I still feel bad about spilling whatever sauce all over Jimbo's jacket at the Pelikan Bockbierfest years ago. Sorry Jimbo!
             Gaenstaller in Schnaid? by Nick B. on  2023-10-21 07:45:30
               Gaenstaller in Schnaid? change by B N on  2023-10-21 08:42:50
                 Gaenstaller in Schnaid? change by Nick B. on  2023-10-24 13:36:33
                   Gaenstaller in Schnaid? change by barry on  2023-10-25 09:38:31
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