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OT: Krakow recommendations
Posted by Joris on 2023-12-01 01:16:57
Last time I have visited Krakow was in 2022. Hence, there is a chance that a few things already changed. Dunno if you are strictly looking for a so called craft beer, but my recommendations will focus mostly on this segment, as one's liver is to precious to be washed with mediocore products at best (macro lagers I mean). However, this does not mean that a bland industrial lager cannot taste awesome and bring lots of joy in picturesque place along with a good company :)

The place for me was "House of beer" Good blend of old-school-historical interior and good beer. At least it used to be. They used to mainly focus on one local craft brewery "Trzech Kumpli" (three friends). And they are one of the best in region. You should definetaly try their Wheat IPA "Pani IPAni". If served in good conditition, thats some glorious stuff. At this moment of my life, i am not very fond of heavy metal stuff like imperial stouts/baltic porters, but you should definetaly share a bottle or two with your friends of this stuff made by "Kumpli". Finally, if you will get a chance to grab theirs Grodziske - do it to. Its 100% wheat ale made with smoked malt. Expect lots of tartness, dryiness balanced with smoked notes.

"Viva La Pinta" -
Not as cool looking or glorious tasting as "Kumpli" almost tap room of "Beer House". Still a very decent place to visit. Pinta brewery was one of the pionners of new school brewing in Poland. And I find an idea of visiting this place and giving the respect where its due instead of drinkin any macro lager as a no-brainer.

"Multi Qlti Tap Bar" -
As the name says, they just have more taps than your average beer bar. It also situated on second or maybe third floor, so also a nice change. Bar is made of multiple separate rooms, crowd here was the youngest.

"Nowy Kraftowny" -
You will end up in Kazimierzc (to lazy to check if it spelled correctly) district in the end, I think. And this is clean and fancy looking, also quite well hidden, craft beer bar. From outside it doesn't look like a lot, but actually it is very spacy once inside. They also bake pizzas. Beer selection as every craft beer bar - pale ales, stouts-porters-sours-lager or two. Nothing mind-blowing, but used to be highest rated place on ratebeer :)

"Omerta" -
More like pocket like bar in same Kazimiersz district. Cannot find photos what I had there, but enjoyed it more than "Nowy Krafty" which gave me pretentious hipster vibes (still so much better than just any other convinient place pouring Tyche, Lech or Zywiec :))

To sum up - I think Krakow is a tad bit overhyped in every sense, same goes for beer :D (Except "Trzech Kumpli"). If any interpretation of pale ale-sour-stout goes well for you, than you will have an awesome time. However, I am picky and was looking particulary for Grodziskie stuff and was able to find at only one place, thus the reason of dissapoitment. Have a good time!

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