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OT: Krakow recommendations
Posted by Uncle Jimbo on 2023-12-18 17:50:00
Hi, Jason, thanks for your reply (though I am only seeing it now after I have returned home from Krakow).  I agree that it is a smaller city, but with friendly people and moderate prices.  The Christmarket was fantastic, and I spent hours there two of my five days.  I did visit TEA Time Brewing, and spent several hours there, enjoying 3 half liters of real ale from hand pumps (though one was a Rauchbock, so I suppose Real Lager?).  Most of the beer places (pubs and brewpubs) are in the Kasimierz district (old "Jewish Quarter") just South of the Old Town.  There are many trams, but for the most part I walked everywhere, and occasionally called for an Uber or Bolt ride-share.  I would definitely return.  It is not the most beer-centric of cities, but it has a lot of history, has a beautiful Old Town and Wawel Castle, and is modestly priced.
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